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Take A Hot Yoga Challenge

Posted by in Benefits, Featured | 32 comments

Have you been wanting to try out hot yoga but are fearful of the process. Do you want to reach a new level of commitment and dedication to your current hot yoga practice. If these descritpions sound familiar, you...

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Awkward Yoga Pose

Posted by in Poses | 17 comments

When practicing bikram yoga the awkward pose is the fourth of the poses, and is referred to as Utkatasana. It is a great pose for building up the lower body. The pose is said to work on the liver, colon and...

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Hands to Feet Yoga Pose

Posted by in Poses | 17 comments

The hands to feet yoga pose is a popular pose that stretches the back and puts...

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Half Moon Yoga Pose

Posted by in Poses | 381 comments

The half moon pose is usually one of the starting poses in most forms of hot...

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Introduction to Bikram Yoga

Posted by in Hot Yoga Videos | 291 comments

This hot yoga video was created by a bikram yoga studio in London. It gives an...

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Savasana Yoga Pose

Posted by in Featured, Poses | 59 comments

A very popular yoga pose is known as corpse pose or Savasana. It is...

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What Is Hot Yoga?

Posted by in FAQs | 12 comments

Hot yoga is a nonspecific style of yoga referring to any type of yoga that is...

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