Hands to Feet Yoga Pose

Hands to Feet Yoga Pose

The hands to feet yoga pose is a popular pose that stretches the back and puts tension in the core. The hot yoga pose is similar to a forward bend. When practicing bikram yoga the hands to feet pose is the third of the poses, and is referred to as Pada-Hastasana.

Benefits of Hands to Feet Yoga Pose

There is an immediate increase of blood flow to the head, upper torso, and shoulders which gives energy. There is also a stretching of the spine, and entire backside of the body. This pose gives a nice stretch to the hamstrings, back, calves and shoulders.

How to Do Hands to Feet Yoga Pose

  1. Begin the pose with your hands and arms up, palms facing each other. Keep the arms close to the ears in order to get the most vertical stretch upwards from this position.
  2. Exhale and bend forward from the core and let your torso drop down towards your feet. Do not bend the knees, and go as low as you can. Take a firm grasp of your toes or behind your heels and pull your head towards your legs.
  3. Exhale and pull closer to your legs. The goal in this pose is to fold and compress the body.
  4. To release the pose, inhale gently and then slowly reverse the torso. End the position with the hands up, and arms up and palms facing each other. Then lower the arms and relax.

Variations of Hands to Feet Yoga Pose

If your hamstrings or back feel tight, bend forward and grab the ankles or calves. It is not necessary to grab the feet in order to reap the benefits of this hot yoga posture.

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