Hot Yoga Etiquette

Hot Yoga Etiquette

Because hot yoga is practiced in a heated environment that is known to
It is important to honor yourself, other students and the instructor when taking a hot yoga class. The first sign of honor when entering a yoga studio is to remove your shoes. Many studios have a place to do this by the front door, or shoe bins are provided in the changing rooms.

Minimize Fragrances in the Hot Yoga Studio

Because the room is heated, there are often other hygiene etiquettes to follow. Always try to come to class with a fresh smell and without colognes. The odor may be faint in room temperature, but in a closed humid and hot environment your cologne will become overpowering. Also try not to wear scented lotions. In addition to making your skin slick and harder to grab, it will also increase the aroma in the room.

Set Your Phone to Silent or Off to Prepare for Class

yoga download, yoga audio, yoga mp3Make sure to turn your technology off – including all cell phone ringers and text message indicators. If it would happen to go off at an inopportune moment, it might be embarrassing for you and annoying to the instructor. Some instructors would prefer for you to go and turn off the ringer, while others prefer you ignore it and focus on your hot yoga practice. If this unfortunate situation does occur, be sure to check with the instructor

Arrive Early to Hot Yoga Class to Avoid Being Locked Out

Most yoga studios begin right on time when conducting classes. If you are a beginner you should try to arrive at least 20 minutes early. If you are an experienced practice then arrive at least 5 mintues before class begins. Depending on the studio, they also may lock the door to keep safety measures intact. If you have arrived later than the class start time, you will run the risk of being locked out.

Mimimize Class Breaks

There may be a time that you have to go to the bathroom, and need to take a break from the intensity of the heat. If that is necessary try to move in and out of the room as quickly as possible. That way the heat does not escape from the room and other hot yoga practitioners are not negatively impacted. Also when you re-enter the room it is better to wait until between poses.
These yoga etiguette tips will give you the insight you need to be a conscientious hot yoga practitioner. We hope you put them to good use.

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