What Are the Benefits of Hot Yoga?

What Are the Benefits of Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga has many forms; every form is an effective low-impact exercise that can have helpful benefits. Hot yoga can have a positive impact on your blood pressure and stress level improving mood. Hot yoga is a progression of yoga poses executed in a room with a temp between 100 – 120 degrees Farenheit. Hot yoga is not for everyone, but for those who give it a chance, hot yoga can have great physical and mental benefits.

Hot Yoga Helps Muscles Become More Flexible

Hot yoga in a room at temperatures of 100 – 120 degrees is similar to sitting in a sauna. High heat environments increase your metabolism and pulse rate allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible and dilated. This makes circulation a lot easier and increases blood flow to the extremities. When muscles are cold they are prone to become injured more easily than warmed-up ones, so the heat of a hot yoga allows your muscles and body to move more liberally. Although you will get hot, the natural act of sweating helps control your internal body temperature. If you would like to improve that temperature control try using x bionc gear.

Hot Yoga Allows for Single Poses to Strengthen Muscles

All hot yoga styles involve the transitioning from one pose to next through a sequence called vinyasa. These sequences of poses can include the plank pose, down through high-to-low pushup, and up to the cobra pose and the downward-facing dog. Continuous movement yoga helps your muscles stay flexible and warm, but several people find the sequencing of poses tiring and rather just do individual poses instead, one after another, without transitions. Hot yoga allows single poses with transitions. Also because the room is already so hot, there’s no need to flow between one pose straight to another poses for an effective practice.

All varieties of yoga are designed to unite mind and body as well as relieve stress. Hot yoga, though, is a unique case of mind over matter. Hot yoga will make anyone willing push themselves outside their comfort zone feel a matter of great accomplishment. Hot yoga will also surprise those to discover the extreme limits of what your body can do under extreme conditions.

The Heat Provides a Detox Benefit to Hot Yoga

Even though sweating it out doing hot yoga has its benefits, you should also take precautions as well. When doing hot yoga, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your session. Try to wear less clothing than you would normally for other forms of yoga. If feeling any symptoms of heat exhaustion, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, reduced vision, confusion, or weakness stop and leave the hot yoga room immediately. Also if you have diabetes, respiratory, or cardiovascular disease, or heat-related illness history please get a doctor’s approval before practicing any form of hot yoga.

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