Yoga Socks Resist Slip and Improve Grip

Yoga Socks Resist Slip and Improve Grip

These all grip yoga socks are awesome, because they allow you to try out your favorite poses on any surface. The yoga socks also increase a sense of balance and stability since the socks have a traction design on the bottom. The yoga socks can be worn when doing poses on the yoga mat, or when on a regular flooring surface like wood.

The yoga socks have a separated toe design, which allows for stronger gripping of the floor. It also allows for the free feeling of being barefoot, with the extra assurance of a slip-free sock bottom. Using these socks in your yoga practice will allow you to practice without having to always use a yoga mat. Also it greatly reduces your exposure to foot fungus and increases hygiene when in the yoga studio. The yoga socks can be put into a machine washer and air dried for cleaning convenience.

Yoga Socks are Great for Travel

Using the yoga socks are perfect for frequent travelers, as it allows you to practice asanas without hauling a full sized yoga mat. Asanas can be practiced in hotels without the worry of foot fungus or hygiene issues.

What Materials are the Yoga Socks Made of?

The socks are mostly made of cotton, however there are other materials in them to allow for the gripping property of the bottom of the socks. The socks are 81 percent cotton, 11 percent nylon, 5 percent polyester, 2 percent rubber and 1 percent spandex.

What Sizes Do the Yoga Socks Come In?

yoga socks in yoga studio, hot yogaThe yoga socks are available in size S/M and M/L. The size S/M fits womens shoe sizes 5-10 and mens shoe sizes 4-9. The size M/L fits womens shoe sizes 10-12 and mens shoe sizes 10-12.

Who Makes the All Grip Yoga Socks?

The most popular and well made yoga socks are made by Gaiam, a lifestyle company that is focused on providing people with products that are healthy and life enhancing. Gaiam is the most well known maker of the yoga socks, and the company focuses on making quality products in all of their yoga supplies and accessories. Try out the Gaiam Yoga Socks today and get the most out of your yoga practice. Click the link to buy yoga socks and increase the stability in your poses.

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